Formula Renault 2.0 EUROCUP and NEC




The Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup and NEC Series are one of the most professional racing series for young emerging talent in International Motorsports.


The whole season is made up of 7 race events which are all part of the World Series by Renault Events on European Grand Prix tracks. During a race event two 40 minutes Free Practise, two Qualifying and two Races will take place. Overall 14 Races will be started during one season.


The Formula Renault Monocoque exists of a carbon fiber composite and is fabricated in the Sandwich Construction. To ensure an even higher level for driver safety a special head protection and seat shell for the driver have been developped.


The Renault 2.0L 16V engine is tuned by ORCEA and the engine output is about 210 hp at 7400 revs. The engine has got 16 valves and a full electronical ignition. The speed up from 0 to 100 km/h is below 3,5 seconds. Furthermore the engine is characterized through excellent reliability.


The Formula Renault has got a mono-damper system at the front suspension and a double-damper system at the rear suspension. All three dampers are adjustable in bump and rebump settings. The usage of different springs is defined by the regulations. The brake discs are afloat supported and have got a relativ high deceleration.


The Sadev SL80-13 is a 8 gear speed automatic sequential gearbox with 7 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The gear ratios are limited by the regulations. The driver has Pedal Shifting on the steering wheel.


The data system is provided by PI. The display of the system is integrated in the steering wheel and shows the driver all neccessary datas as laptime, revs, water- and oiltemperatur. In addition the system allows a detailed analysis of all laps done during a running session.


Technical Specifications  

Manufacturer: Renault Alpine, France

Suspension front: push rod - monodamper

Conctruction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Suspension rear: push rod - double damper

Aerodynamic: adjustable front and rear wings

Damper: Sachs  Federn: Eibach

Weight: min. 580 kilos (including driver)

Gearbox: SadevSL80-13 sequetiall

Track front: 1720 Millimeter rear: 1733 Millimeter

Gears: 7 Forward - 1 Revers

Height: 963 Millimeter

Tyre Manufacturer: Michelin

Width: 1733 Millimeter

Tyre dimension front: 20/54 - 13 RST   rear: 24/57 - 13 RST

Lenght: 4363 Millimeter

Top-Speed: max. 250 km/h

Engine: Renault 2.0 16V, 210 hp