NEWS Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - 2012


01.07.2012 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - Races 5 + 6  - Nürburgring


Kaufmann Driver Vandoorne dominates at Nürburgring - Double Pole and Double Victory. Riberas in Top Six, Schothorst on P12


Free Practice: In the first free practice Vandoorne was direclty fastest. After some drivers put new tyres Vandoorne dropped back to P 7. Riberas finished on P 3 and Schothorst as well on old tyres was P 26.

In free practice two it was raining heavy and some red flags were shown. After only a couple of laps Riberas was P 10, Vandoorne P 12, Schothorst P 23.

Qualifying 1: Due to the high number of cars in Formula Renault Eurocup the Qualifying was split into two groups. Alex Riberas and Pieter Schothorst were in Group A. Riberas was pretty fast but unfortunaltey finally he was P 4 and Schothorst only P 14 in their group.

Vandoorne was in Group B. Vandoorne showed a superb perfomance setting the fastest laptime in Group B and the overall fastest laptime of the Qualifying. Vandoorne therefore took his first Pole Postition. Riberas was P 8 and Schothorst P 28.

Race 1: Vandoorne had a good Start and defended his lead. Schothorst was crahsed out of the race in lap 1. Riberas at the beginning lost a few places but drove a very strong race and fought his way back to P 6 in the end. Vandoorne drove a perfect race without any mistake. With fastest race laps he had control over the field. In the end Vandoorne took his maiden victory in Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup with a clean lights to flag victory!

Qualifying 2: Vandoorne in Group B was first out on track and once again drove perfectly. He drove a new lap-record and again was fastest in his Group B and took as well overall Pole-Position once again.

Riberas and Schothorst qualified themselves in the other Group A on P 4 and P 15. So P 8 on the grid for Riberas and P 30 for Schothorst.

Race 2: Sunday´s race was started under wet track conditions. All Kaufmann Drivers still started the race on dry slick tyres. In the opening lap Vandoore dropped back a few positions but stayed calm in those very demanding conditions as drivers with wet tyres passed him. Riberas had to retire due to a failure on his car. Schothorst as well stayed calm in the beginning. After the track started to dry up Schothorst made position by position and finished on a strong P 12. Vandoorne was able to take over the lead after a few laps and then just pulled away from the whole field. In the end Vandoorne dominated the race, winning with a 10 seconds lead. Vandoorne completed the double victory on the Nürburgring.

Pictures from Nürburgring