NEWS Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - 2012


30.09.2012 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - Races 11 + 12  - Paul Ricard


Vandoorne wins as well in Paul Ricard and additional finishs 2nd. Riberas on P 8 - Schothorst without points


Free Practice: In the first free practice the Kaufmann Drivers only were out on used tyres. Still the performance was very good. Vandoorne P 4, Riberas P 5 and Schothorst on P 28.

In free practice two all Kaufmann Drivers improved. Vandoorne once more was the fastest man on track setting the fastest lap time. P 1 for the young Belgian. Riberas was directly behind his Teammate on P 2. Schothorst improved to P 19.

Qualifying 1: Due to the high number of cars in Formula Renault Eurocup the Qualifying was split into two groups. Stoffel Vandoorne and Alex Riberas were in Group A. The track was still damp and drying up. Riberas was really struggleing with those conditions and qualified only on P 15 in his group. Vandoorne on the other side dominated the whole Qualifying session with setting the fastest lap time by a massive advance. P 1 for him.

Schothorst was in Group B. He was as well struggleing with the conditions. Only P 15 in his Group. The Starting Grid saw Vandoorne on P 2, Riberas P 30 and Schothorst P 31.

Race 1: Schothorst and Riberas both drove a very good race and moved up the positions as good as they could. Pieter ended the race on P 21. Alex was a bit better and finished P 17. In the front, it was Stoffel Vandoorne who was the fastes man on track. After a great move he took over the lead of the field and pulled aways as normal. In the end he won by more than 4 seconds lead. Victory number 4 for this year.

Qualifying 2: Schothorst first on track in Group B showed a strong pace and qualified P 4 in the Group.

Vandoorne and Riberas in Group A were on track later. Riberas again was once more unlucky but catching a red flag on his fastest lap time. In the end only P 7 in the Group. Vandoorne as the day before was very fast and took once more Pole-Position for the race.

Race 2: Sunday´s race was started at the afternoon under the most difficult conditions. It was raining a bit and the track seemed to be a bit wet. Nearly all drivers decided to go on slick tyres. Pieter Schothorst was one of the few how opted for wets. After a spin and a drive through penalty Schothorst gave up the race in the pits. Alex Riberas drove a good race and moved up into the points and finished P 8. Stoffel Vandoorne had a very exciting race. After he spun in the first lap he lost his lead and droped back to P 17. What followed then was more than impressive. The young Belgian drove the race of his life so far. With putting one fastest race lap after the other he overtook 16 drivers and came back to P 2. An impressive drive from Vandoorne to clinch another podium for this season.

Pictures from Paul Ricard