NEWS Formula Renault - 2013

07.03.2012 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup Season 2013
Kaufmann Drivers with fastest lap times during collective tests in Paul Ricard

The collective Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup test days in Paul Ricard took place under various conditions. In the morning of the first day the track was wet. It was Steijn Schothorst who was fastet in the morning - P 1. Tunjo on P 4, Malja on P 26. The afternoon session saw a dry track in the end. With one set of new tyres the Kaufmann Drivers ended up on P 8 - Tunjo, P 17 - Schothorst and P 20 - Malja.

On the second day the track was once again wet. The Kaufmann Drivers were always on top of the time sheets. In the morning it was again Steijn Schothorst on P 1. In the afternoon, Tunjo had set the fastest lap time overall. P 1 - Tunjo, P 10 - Schothorst and P 14 Malja.

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26.02.2012 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup Season 2013


Kaufmann Drivers with good performance during  test days in Alcaniz



The Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup season 2013 started with the first test days in spanish Alcaniz. Very cold weather conditions around zero degrees made the tests very difficult. For Team and Drivers it was the first roll out with the new 2013 spec Formula Renault 2.0

On the first day in the morning some installation laps and function checks were on the schedule. In the afternoon the Kaufmann Drivers had put a new set of tyres to see how the car behaves. Oscar Tunjo was hampered by a red flag sequenze on his new tyre run. Still he was able to get on P 5. Steijn Schothorst and Gustav Malja both had been for the first time on the track. In the end they were on P 19 and P 27.

On the second day the Kaufmann Drivers put another new set of tyres in the morning. OScar Tunjo, after having really fast on used tyres wasn´t able to use the new tyres to the maximum. In the end only P 12. Gustav Malja and Steijn Schothorst both had some reliability issues with the car during the run on new tyres and therefore only had been on P 25 and P 29.


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