NEWS - Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup  
Sacha Fenestraz finishs twice on P2 during season opener in Monza - Yifei Ye in top 6 - Luis Leeds unlucky

Free Practice: The collective Test session took place Thursday and Friday. As usual the Kaufmann Drivers were on the pace straight away.


Fenestraz finished the three sessions on P 2 - P 3 - P 2. Ye was among the pace setters as well with P 5 - P 7 - P 5. Leeds also showed a good pace on P 9 - P 8 - P 17.


Qualifying 1: In the first qualifying Fenestraz was first out on track. Having led the whole session, we finished on P 2 in the end 0,036 seconds down. Ye and Leeds qualified in the other group on P 4 and P 8.

Starting Grid for Race 1: Fenestraz P 4 - Ye P 7 - Leeds P 15.

Race 1: In the first race, which saw several Safety Car periods and a red flag in the end, Leeds made contact and after a pit stop finished at the end of the field on P 25. Ye drove a good race but had to defend himself and lost 2 places in end to finish on P 9. Sacha Fenestraz drove a strong race moving up the positions after a few nice overtaking moves. After the second Re-Start he was even side by side to the leader but the red flag made him to finish on the podium on P 2.

Qualifying 2: The second qualifying it was first Ye and Leeds on track. Leeds again on P 8 and Ye on P 4, with only 0,076 seconds down on the fastest. Fenestraz in the other group was on P 3, only 0,049 seconds down on the fastest and time equal with the second place.

Starting Grid for Race 2: Fenestraz P 5 - Ye P 8 - Leeds P 16.

Race 2: In the second Race Leeds was already up to P 12 untill he got hit from another driver and had to retire in the pits early due to some damage on the car. Ye drove a strong race with a good pace and was able to move up a few positions.Ye finished on a strong P 6. Fenestraz, as the day before was the fastest man on track. With several nice moves he climbed up positions. Having set the fastest laps of the race he finally was able to finish on the podium and took another P 2.