NEWS - Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup  

Fenestraz with P2 on the podium in the streets of Pau – Ye on P8 and Leeds on P16


Free practice: The collective test sessions were on Friday. The first session was under the rain. Fenestraz was dealing very well with the situation being on P2. Ye was on P8 and Leeds on P19. The second collective test was on dry track. Fenestraz was setting the fastest lap in the session P1. Ye was on P4 and Leeds on P12.

Qualifying 1: In the Qualifying all Kaufmann Drivers were in the same Group. Fenestraz finished on P3 ahead of teammate Ye on P4. Leeds ended on P12.

Grid for Race 1: Fenestraz P6 – Ye P8 – Leeds P23.

Race 1: In the first Race Leeds was able to make up a few positions and finished P18. For the other two Kaufmann Drivers, there was no way to make up positions in the tight streets of Pau. Ye finished on P8 and Fenestraz on P6.

Qualifying 2: In the second Qualifying Leeds was again on P12, Ye this time on P5 and Fenestraz was able to set the fastest lap of the Group, P1 for him.

Grid for Race 2: Fenestraz P2 – Ye P10 – Leeds P24.

Race 2: Leeds again was able to make up a few positions and finished on P16. Ye had some good attacking moves but wasn’t able to gain any advantage and finished on P10. Fenestraz tried to overtake the leader after turn 1, but was slightly pushed off the track ad had to keep his second position. Even being faster than the leader he wasn´t able to make an overtaking move and took another podium finish on P2.