NEWS - Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup  

Tripple Pole and double Victory for Fenestraz in Spa - Ye on the podium as well - Leeds once more without points


Free practice: As usual the Kaufmann Drivers were on speed straight from the beginning. At the end of the free practice Ye was P2, Fenestraz P4 and only Leeds further down on P27.

Qualifying: The first Qualifying on Friday noon determined the starting grid for Race 1 and Race 2. Fenestraz and Ye were dominating Group A and took P1 and P2 with both, fastest and 2nd fastest lap. Leeds only on P15.

Grid for Race 1: Fenestraz on Pole Position - Ye P3 - Leeds P29.

Grid for Race 2: Fenestraz on Pole Position - Ye P3 - Leeds P29.

The second Qualifying session was held on Friday evening. Once again it was Fenestraz who set the overall fastest Qualifying lap and took also the third Pole of the weekend. Ye missed out his fastest lap and qualified on P5. Leeds slighlty improved on P13.

Grid for Race 3: Fenestraz on Pole Position – Ye P9 – Leeds P25.

Race 1: On Saturday morning it was very foggy on some parts of the track and that´s why the race started behind the Safety Car. After half way through the race the weather situation didn´t improve and the race was red flagged and didn´t re-start anymore. Half points were awarded as only half of the race distance had been gone so far. Leeds on P29, Ye on the podium with P3 and Fenestraz wins the race.

Race 2: On Saturday afternoon the weather conditions had been very good. Leeds had a good race and improved himself upto P23 in the end. Ye also had a good opening stage of the race fighting for the podium. A few small driving errors put him back to P7 in the end. Fenestraz was able to keep his lead into turn 1, but was then overtaken on the long straight afte Eau Rouge. Beeing 2nd for all of the race, Fenestraz tried an overtaking move in the last lap, slightly went off the track and had to settle for P3 in the end.

Race 3: On Sunday morning Leeds was out already in Lap 1 after another car had crashed into him. Ye was slightly moving up positions and was able to finish the race on P8. In the lead, Fenestraz was able to keep his place at the start and as well after another Safety Car Re-Start. He was then dominating the race with fastest race laps and controlled the action. In the end he was able to score another superb victory for this year. Excellent performance of Sacha once again.